In this article , I will be talking about new Universal App mechanism.

Firstly, I will create a new Universal App Project.

To use this feature , you have to install new 8.1 SDK. ( Click here to download )

If you already installed 8.1 SDK , let’s begin.

Open Visual Studio > New Project > Visual C# > Store Apps > Universal Apps > Selecet Blank App than Click OK


When you  look at the right side , you will see 3 main topics : Windows , WindowsPhone and Shared ( regions within the circles ). In addition to , you can choose startup Project as shown as picture below.


The main idea is quite simple. You can create a new folder , class etc. into universalapp.Shared. Than you will be able to use them for each project. With this solution you will be saving time. I will create a new folder and add existing item. I’ll use this item to change background image for each project.


As you see , I’ve added only one image for background and used for each project’ background.This example will enable us to understand the logic of Universal Apps. 

***Maybe the most significant think ; You won’t be able to write codes for Windows phone 8.1 as a Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight Project. You have to write as a Windows 8.1 Project for Windows Phone 8.1 under Universal Apps. This situation  will allow us to make use of Windows 8.1  libraries for Phone projects.

That is all , good luck!


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